Carmen Bella’s Shiny Bikini

As if Carmen Bella needed something to bring more attention to her tits, she is wearing a shiny bikini in magenta I think would be the name of the color. And of course, she wears it well. It’s not quite the right size so it sits on top of her breasts and shows and ample amount of underboob which is absolutely one of my favorite forms of being teased. Seeing those big natural breasts peek out from underneath the bikini as if to say “Hey, over here, my top is about to pop off!”. Thanks for taking this bikini set somewhere warm in November, Carmen, because it’s cold as shit here right now :).
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Cam With Her CarmenCam With Her CarmenCam With Carmen
Cam With CarmenCam With CarmenCam With Carmen Nude
Cam With CarmenCam With Her CarmenCam With Carmen Nude
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